University of Minnesota College of Design

School of Architecture, ARCH3250
Spring Semester 2011, Fall 2012, Spring 2014

Professor: Aaron Marx

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Aaron Marx

Course Description:
This BDA workshop will explore memorialization and the potential of digital modeling in the architectural design process. Marcel Proust’s statement captures the power of memory on our perception of space and emphasizes the fact that human experience offers an abundant approach to the question of the nature of architecture and its role in the making of the world.

This workshop will ask students to create and represent digital models in relationship to a specific memory or event. Related to the idea of poetic analogy, students will explore how models can be used as a process of visualizing, thinking, and contemplating.

Looking to examples of memorials, real and imagined, students will be asked to speculate on the role of memory in architectural design, and select a memorial for research and study during the workshop. There will be a series of lessons on the basic concepts of digital modeling and rendering, and students will be expected to produce a model and represent it in relationship to memorialization.