I am currently working on a sculpture made from wood in light for the Minneapolis Public Services Building

More information about the project can be found here.

Written Description

Genesis is a luminous ceiling designed for the elevator lobby of CPED, Community Planning and Economic Development, in the Minneapolis Public Services Building. Inspired by the importance of the Mississippi River on the development of the city, the significant work that many folks in CPED have done, and all the work, in progress and planned in the future, to improve our connection to the river. The river is the story of creation of this city, and will continue to be the ever present force in the life of the people of Minneapolis.  

Inspired by a collaboration with artist, Alyssa Baguss, I began looking at LiDAR points sets and wondering about ways to represent this data in three dimensions. This sculpture is a manifestation of that interest.  Derived from a data set of over 50 million LiDAR points acquired from the MN Department of Natural Resources Minnesota Elevation Mapping Project, this sculpture is a snapshot of Minneapolis taken in approximately 2014 – a representation of the Saint Anthony Falls section of the Mississippi River and surrounding area. Through a process of reverse engineering this data set, wood slats were developed as cross sections through the river and show topography, built structures, and the natural environment. In collaboration with Wood From the Hood, this project uses reclaimed urban Ash trees from the that were slated to go to the landfill due to the onslaught of Emerald Ash Borer, and re-purposes them into a 1 to 40 scale map of the Saint Anthony Falls.

The sculpture lives and breaths in response to the flow of the Mississippi River. In collaboration with Michael Cohen and Aaron Westre, the system pulls data from local USGS and manifests representations of abstract films of natural systems, including: water flows, reflections, and the wind / light through leaves.