Move Your Hole AKA Roaming Hole Gardens

Walker Art Center Artist Designed Mini Golf

move your hole

Once (maybe twice) in lifetime, something happens that transforms a favorite
pastime forever. For the sport of Mini Golf, that time was summer 2013, 2014
and 2015 at the Walker Sculpture Garden. Move Your Hole! employs the game’s
familiar assets and rules but with one crucial twist: the target hole roams. In lieu
of taking her usual shot, a player may instead relocate one of 6 topiary plugs into
the open hole, thereby opening a different hole—a new target!—for the round.
The new hole becomes everyone’s object—that is until another player chooses to
move the hole instead of swinging for it. With this deceptively simple change, the
sport attains a mind-blowing new level of challenge, strategy and competition
while remaining easy enough for anyone to play.
Move Your Hole! was created by MakeShi!t for the Walker Art Center’s artistdesigned
mini golf. It was purchased by the Walker in 2013.

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