Aaron Marx​​ is an artist, architect, and educator with a multidisciplinary practice that includes architectural design/build, sculpture, public art, installation, and visual arts.

He has significant experience working on many different building types including residential, educational, retail, manufacturing, religious, and cultural buildings. With that, Aaron is an avid builder and has a lifetime of experience working in and around construction – from operating heavy equipment to apprenticing as a carpenter. His practice brings these skills and experience to developing highly detailed beautiful works of art and architecture.

Interested in collaborating with others on public art projects; he often works outside of artistic disciplines with biologists, GIS analysts, historians, architects, city planners and fabricators. Many of his projects are site specific and integrate artwork into infrastructure and public spaces: including working with Twin Cities organizations like the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Public Art Saint Paul, The City of White Bear Lake, Minneapolis Art on Wheels, Makesh!t, Capital Regions Watershed District, the University of Minnesota, District Energy, and Three Rivers Park District. 

Interested in the spatial and spiritual dimensions of human experience and the constructed boundaries between the sacred and profane, his work often examines the relationship between memory and the built environment, considers the connection between art and science, or investigates new forms of interaction between people and digital tools. Building on his multidisciplinary background, his art explores history, memory, and perception through a layered process of analog and digital creation, many times using computation, coding, or digital tools in conjunction with analog methods. With that, his work is grounded in a social practice: prompting public participation, challenging common perceptions, or educating youth.