Aaron Marx​​ is an artist, architect, and educator with a multidisciplinary practice that includes sculpture, public art, installation, and visual arts. He has significant experience collaborating with others on public art projects; often working outside of artistic disciplines with biologists, GIS analysts, historians, architects, city planners and fabricators. Many of his projects are site specific and integrate artwork into infrastructure and public spaces. He has ten years of public art experience working with Twin Cities organizations like the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Public Art Saint Paul, The City of White Bear Lake, Minneapolis Art on Wheels, Makesh!t, Capital Regions Watershed District, the University of Minnesota, District Energy, and Three Rivers Park District. Interested in the spatial and spiritual dimensions of human experience and the constructed boundaries between the sacred and profane, his work often examines the relationship between memory and the built environment, considers the connection between art and science, or investigates new forms of interaction between people and digital tools. Building on his multidisciplinary background, his art explores history, memory, and perception through a layered process of analog and digital creation, many times using computation, coding, or digital tools in conjunction with analog methods. With that, his work is grounded in a social practice: prompting public participation, challenging common perceptions, or educating youth.




Luminous Ceilings Sculpture, City of Minneapolis Public Services Building, MN.

Samatar Crossing Sculpture(s), City of Minneapolis Public Art, MN

Pentagon Sculpture(s) – Pergola, w/ Jim Brenner, Edina, MN.

North Loop Sculpture – Pergola, w/ Jim Brenner, Edina, MN.

Hook and Ladder Sculpture, w/ Jim Brenner, Minneapolis, MN.


Aerosail sculpture, White Bear Lake, MN.

Edison Water / Solar sculpture, w/ Jim Brenner,  Minneapolis, MN.

Edge District sculptures, w/ Jim Brenner, St. Petersburg, FL.

Moline Sculpture, w/ Jim Brenner, Hopkins, MN.

Raspberry, w/ Ben Janssens, Hopkins, MN.


Un:heard Resonance w/ John Keston, Northern Spark, Minneapolis, MN.

Art Lab Mural, Public Art Saint Paul, St. Paul, MN

Our Lady of Lourdes, grotto design, Minneapolis, MN.

Central Park West sculpture, w/ James Brenner Sculpture, Minneapolis, MN.

Moline sculpture, w/ James Brenner Sculpture, Hopkins, MN.

Raspberry, w/ Ben Janssens, Hopkins, MN.


Making the Best of It, Northern Spark, Minneapolis, MN.

Self Made MPLS, Creative City Challenge finalist, Minneapolis, MN.

2040 Public Acts of Drawing, North Commons/Midtown Global Market, Minneapolis, MN.

Mobile Stage, Richfield Artist in Residency, Richfield, MN

Lincoln Park visioning, w/ The Drawing Project, Minneapolis, MN.


Aleph Zero, Made Here, Minneapolis, MN.

Codex Lecester, The Drawing Project, MIA, Minneapolis, MN.

Hydroelectricity, The Drawing Project, Guthrie, Minneapolis, MN.

Crypto Party, Northern Lights, The Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN.

Familiar Pavement film, MNKINO, Landmark Center, St. Paul, MN

Joy Park pavilion and sculpture, Lunning Wende Associates, St. Paul, MN.


Builders of the Universe, Artists on the Verge, Soap Factory, Minneapolis, MN.

Northrop projection mapping, Minneapolis, MN.

Public Acts of Drawing, with Makesh!t, Northern Spark, Minneapolis, MN.


Move Your Hole, with Makesh!t, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN

Secret Fortunes, w/ Andrea Steudal, Irrigate for the Arts, AEDA, St. Paul, MN.

Instant Cinema: Teleportation Platform X, w/ John Keston, Northern Spark, St. Paul, MN.


Celebration of Life, Energy, and Power, w/ Ta-coumba Aiken, Minneapolis, MN.

Solar Arc Shanty, Art Shanty Projects, Plymouth, MN.


Mobile Hot Spot, Northern Spark, Minneapolis, MN.


Mass Information and the Temporal Graffiti War, Minneapolis Art on Wheels, MN.