Dragonfly Fabrication

I have been working with James Brenner Sculpture on various projects. For this project we have designed and developed a corten steel, aluminum, and glass dragonfly to be…

space 2

Memorials and Models

University of Minnesota College of Design School of Architecture, ARCH3250 Spring Semester 2011, Fall 2012, Spring 2014 Professor: Aaron Marx Aaron Marx Course Description: This BDA workshop will…


MI-TGW: A social media device

MI-TGW: A social media device Mass Information and the Temporal Graffiti of War: A social media device, exploring of the ideology of Purple Hearts A collaboration with Minneapolis…

03 NWS

New World Symphony Fabrication

New World Symphony – Digital Design and Fabrication Working with Radius Track I helped to digitally fabricated light gauge framing for Frank Gehry’s New World Symphony. Using Rhino, we…

MAKINGtheBEST-7923 (683x1024)

Making the Best of It

Making the Best of It is a series of regionally site-specific food and art installations and community meals that feature a climate-change enabled (and often unwanted) edible species….

DSC_1007 - Copy (800x536)


I have been making  colorful abstract drawings and paintings for about 15 years. I use it as a way to explore aesthetic questions, consider composition, find new color…



SELFMADEMPLS An artist-led architecture for urban self-reliance.   A Proposal for Creative City Challenge 2016 Team: Aaron Marx, Lucas Alm, Sarah Nassif, Jake Nassif, Paul Schmelzer STATEMENT OF…

010 (1024x685)

River Mural and Pollinator Rain Barrels

River Mural and Pollinator Rain Barrels (Aug. 2016) was a public art workshop with Public Art Saint Paul making a 10′ x 4′ river mural on canvas and…

Solar Presence (9)

Builders of the Universe

Builders of the Universe is an interactive light and new media installation at The Soap Factory designed and built by Aaron Marx for Art(ists) on the Verge. A review of the…


Move Your Hole AKA Roaming Hole Gardens

Move Your Hole AKA Roaming Hole Gardens Walker Art Center Artist Designed Mini Golf Once (maybe twice) in lifetime, something happens that transforms a favorite pastime forever. For…