I have been working with Lunning Wende for the past 6 months on a 2000 S.F. office addition for a school in Saint Paul, MN 2015. This is a collage of the construction documents I created for the project. The most interesting parts of this building project was detailing the wall and floor assemblies to meet the new energy code, figuring out a complex overhanging wall condition, and pin-pointing existing rain water scupper elevations to set our roof height.

The new energy code in Minnesota has created some interesting challenges for exterior wall assemblies. We are using a 2×6 steel stud wall with fiberglass batts, 3″ rigid insulation, plywood sheathing, hat channels, and horizontal metal panels on the exterior, which gives an r-value of about 30, only r-18 is required. Needing R-30 on the roof, we went with 5.5″ of polyisocyanurate (R5.6 per inch).

Another thing that was different was an offset wall condition to create a shadow line. Using a steel bent plate, the upper wall literally hangs from the concrete foundation. This creates unique structural issues that, along with the dirt load, create a need for a 7′-0″ wide footing. I have never seen that before.

All and all, pretty basic construction, concrete foundation walls with steel frame above. The roof is built with sloping joists bearing on existing masonry and the new steel frame. The most challenging part was honing in on the existing conditions and setting our bearing heights.